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When and where is the 17th Annual Chicanx Grad Ceremony?
Saturday, May 11th at 2pm @ASU, Tempe, Student Pavilion


Why is there a registration fee and how much is it?
College/University students the fee is $35
K-12 students the fee is $25

*Additional $20 for a customized zarape

The fee for registration is utilized fully to support the ceremony. Fees cover the embroidered zarape, certificates, the building rental, programs, photography, etc. Registration does not cover every thing needed for the ceremony which is why we also seek donations from alumni and friends.


I am unable to pay the registration fee, can I still participate?
We will not exclude students who cannot pay the fee. We will need to be notified if a student cannot pay so we can plan ahead to subsidize the fee and fundraise accordingly. Please email us at if you are unable to pay.


When is the last day to register to participate?
April 12th, 2019 is a hard deadline for registration.


Can I bring my family and friends to the ceremony?
We encourage participants to bring their families to the ceremony.


When do I get my photo taken?
Xgrad committee tries their best to provide a printed graduation photo for each participant the day of the ceremony. It is important that students attend one of the two photography dates prior to the ceremony to ensure their photo will be ready by the ceremony. Our photographer cannot make special photo sessions for individuals. Dates and times for the group photo sessions will be emailed to each participant.


How can I support the ceremony?
Xgrad committee is accepting donations now until the day of the ceremony. You can donate online by using the registration payment link to make a donation. 


Who should I contact for questions?

M.E.Ch.A. de ASU & ASU Alumni


Questions? Send us a message:

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